About Keane Wang (Kainbeats)

My musical journey began with classical piano at the age of 5. I played for 11 years before beginning to compose my own music inspired by the sounds of Debussy, the colors of Monet and the atmosphere of obscure film and game soundtracks. I was able to rekindle my joy for music by creating my own sound.

Over the next years, I would begin shifting from purely classical music to production, beats, and the music you hear today. In my music, I emphasize two things I hope you can hear in every project well: Storytelling and Warmth.

Together, I hope each track of mine can bring you a sense of peace and a distraction from the stress of our everyday lives.

As always, thank you so much for listening; it means the world <3

My Current Work

My current work is split into three main identities:

Kainbeats (Lofi Hip Hop, Chill Instrumental): I’ve had the pleasure of working with prominent labels and brands including: Lofi Girl, Rocket League / Epic Games / Psyonix, LEGO,, Chill Beats, Jazz Hop Cafe and Dreamhop Music among others. Most of my work now is independently released, so to every listener and fan visiting this page, your support is sincerely appreciated! You can listen here:

Keane Wang (Classical, Soundtrack, Solo Piano): One of my main dreams with music is to write soundtrack for visual media, whether that’s a film, anime, or game. I’ve been dedicating a lot of time to this on my alias “Keane Wang”, where I write solo piano, orchestral, and experimental instrumental music that is suitable for a soundtrack. Recently, I released my 15 track LP “Pacific Lull”, where 50% of ALL revenue was donated to the Marine Conservation Society, UK. ( For more info on commissions please visit the “Commissions” page! You can listen here:

idylla (Ambient, Sleep): Is my storytelling, ambient alias where I work with my friend (a half-elf who got stuck in Elfheim) to write music that takes you on a trip to the illusory world of the Elves. Midnight soundscapes, potent emotions, and dreamy sounds are the main goal here and it has been an absolute joy to experiment with it. You can listen to idylla here – help support her buy a teleportation scroll to escape Elfheim!